Sessions and products range


Session fees

Our sessions last 30 to 40 minutes and cost £20. At present, most available time slots are in the mornings. We have a few afternoon sessions available on Thursdays and Saturdays. We realise that for some people it can be a challenge to fit a photo shoot in their busy lives. So if you can’t find a time slot that suits your schedule, please contact us at or use this enquiry form to request a time. We will try our best to arrange something suitable for you. Also, if you feel that 30-40 minutes is not enough, or you are a group (3+) and would like individual portraits as well as group photos, you might require additional time. Please let us know so we can arrange a double session to suit your needs.

Product Prices

Acrilyc Gallery
Edge Print
Metal Prints

Producing high quality prints quickly and efficiently is the foundation of the lab we use. Choose from a range of finishes including lustre, gloss and metallic.

Production Time: 1 Working Day for Lustre & Gloss prints up to 30×20″ (for same day dispatch please order before 1pm); 2 Working Days for Metallic prints and Lustre & Gloss prints above 30×20″; 5 Working Days for Mounted & Laminated Prints.

Print finishes: Gloss, Lustre, Metallic

Product Price
6×4” Print £6.00
7×5” Print £7.00
10×8” Print £11.00
12×8” Print £13.00
14×11” Print £20.00
20×16” Print £30.00
24×16” Print £35.00
30×20” Print £45.00
30×24” Print £50.00
36×24” Print £60.00
40×30” Print £70.00

An array of options means fine art prints have never looked so good. Using state-of-the-art print technology the durable yet delicate Fine Art Wrap sits flush with the wall, creating a beautiful wall mounted piece of art.

Production Time: 5 Working Days

Print finishes: Lustre with Satin Laminate, White Cotton Canvas

Size Price
10×8” Fine Art Wrap £50.00
12×8” Fine Art Wrap £60.00
14×10” Fine Art Wrap £75.00
20×16” Fine Art Wrap £90.00
24×16” Fine Art Wrap £150.00
30×20” Fine Art Wrap £200.00
30×24” Fine Art Wrap £250.00
40×30” Fine Art Wrap £300.00
Acrilyc Gallery

Choose a product that incorporates crystal clear acrylic and aluminium in one eye catching product. Super sleek at just 6mm thick, the Acrylic Gallery creates a wall product which is simply unmissable.

Production Time: 5 Working Days

Print finishes: Gloss, Metallic

Size Price
10×8” Acrylic Gallery £60.00
12×10” Acrylic Gallery £70.00
20×16” Acrylic Gallery £100.00
24×16” Acrylic Gallery £160.00
30×20” Acrylic Gallery £220.00
30×24” Acrylic Gallery £260.00
Edge Print

Fast becoming one of the most popular products in the Loxley Colour wall products range, the unique Edge Print is a revolutionary wall product.

Production Time: 5 Working Days

Print finishes: Lustre with Satin Laminate, Metallic with Satin Laminate, Gloss with 2mm Facemount Acrylic, Metallic with 2mm Facemount Acrylic

Product Price
10×8” Edge Print £55.00
12×8” Edge Print £60.00
20×16” Edge Print £75.00
24×16” Edge Print £150.00
30×20” Edge Print £200.00
30×24” Edge Print £220.00
36×24” Edge Print £250.00
40×30” Edge Print £300.00
Metal Prints

Make images pop with the latest in high definition metal print technology. Robust, waterproof and scuff resistant, the Alumini Print creates an eye-catching metal wall art feature in any environment.

Please note that due to the natural materials used in the Alumini Print, imperfections in the aluminium surface may be visible through the image.

Production Time: 5 Working Days

Print finishes: Alumini Print Gloss, Alumini Print Gloss Brushed, Alumini Print Satin, Alumini Print Satin Brushed

Product Price
10×8” Alumini Print £45.00
12×8” Alumini Print £50.00
20×16” Alumini Print £75.00
24×16” Alumini Print £140.00
30×20” Alumini Print £180.00
30×24” Alumini Print £250.00
40×30” Alumini Print £330.00